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Seven Symphonies is a fully independently funded and run creative project by Sean Andrews. All proceeds earned via Patrons, one off donations, product purchases and streams helps maintain and grow the project ensuring that new high quality content is consistently released to people like you. Thank you so much for considering helping keep the dream of Seven Symphonies alive!  

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Description: Think of Patreon kind of like Kick Starter for artists instead of one off projects. By becoming a Patron of an artist you pledge to offer a monetary tip to an artist each time they release a new piece of content, or via a monthly pledge. There are reward tiers for different pledge amounts that offer unique and exclusive rewards to a patron of each tier level much like on Kickstarter. It is a new and wonderful way to support your favourite artist and make sure they are able to continue to create the art and content you enjoy. 


All proceeds from donations go directly to funding more content by Seven Symphonies. Thank you so much for your donation.