BIO: Seven Symphonies

Seven Symphonies is the umbrella that encapsulates the original creative output of Toronto based Songwriter/Producer/Artist Sean Andrews. With songwriting ranging from simple and palatable a la bands like Nirvana, Weezer and Green Day to complex and cinematic arrangements similar to bands like Silverchair and Queen, with modern touches that reference current artists like M83, Tame Impala and Grimes. Seven Symphonies is a playground in which Sean is able to explore the depths of his creative imagination and preference without boundaries. 

The debut album "Life Times" released on September 7th 2016 is a modern alternative album that is reminiscent of 90's era grunge with powerful guitars, commanding, catchy vocals and soaring guitar solos all floating above the bed rock of natural and punchy drums and bass. Accentuating those foundations are modern sounding synths, pianos, drum machines and reverbs that serve to modernize the sound while still remaining authentic to the genre. As a whole "Life Times" serves to introduce Sean Andrews and Seven Symphonies to the world revealing only the tip of the iceberg of what is to come in the coming years. 

About Sean Andrews

Sean Andrews is 33 year old multi-instrumentalist, producer, engineer and songwriter who has worked and written with artists like Lindi Ortega, Tim Hicks, Diemonds, and Alan Frew, who has also been Sean’s mentor for over 15 years. Armed with an impressive repertoire of success and experience, Sean has just released his first full length album for his solo project, Seven Symphonies. 
Inspired by technically minded artists like Trent Reznor and Grimes, Seven Symphonies combines Sean’s extensive skill and experience as a producer/engineer with his love of classic grunge and punk to create a wholly definitive modern alternative rock album that is entirely self-produced and recorded.
“With Seven Symphonies, I am producing my own music and plan to release albums, create music videos, and tour while continuing to produce and work with other artists, write, and score movies - basically doing everything related to the creation of music - all while maintaining my own brand.”
The album follows the Factor funded two-song EP 2013 released that same year; a mere glimpse into the world Sean has been building on ever since. Now a fully formed project, Seven Symphonies has released a collection of rich pop hooks founded on heavy guitars and aggressive rhythms, and decorated with airy synth pads, piano, and attention commanding vocals, all of which demonstrate an identity that has been carefully and entirely realized.
About Sean:
Over the last 15 years, the Brampton, Ontario native has built up a repertoire of a lifetime – from performing, to writing and producing, and even successfully scoring film and shooting music videos. 
In fact success has been common throughout Sean’s projects, starting with his first full band, Red Roses Black, who shared sold out stages with Mariana’s Trench, USS, My Darkest Days, and illScarlett between 2007-2010. The band’s song “I Miss You” is featured in a fan made YouTube video that currently has over 3 million views. 
Upon graduating from Metal Works at the top of his class in 2011, Sean was hired on as an executive assistant, co-writer, and producer by his long time mentor Alan Frew (Glass Tiger). The pair went on to write with artists including Lindi Ortega, Tim Hicks, and Sebell, and also co-wrote the song “Never Wanna Die” with Diemonds, which features on the 2016 Juno nominated album of the same name. 
In 2013, Sean tried his hand at videography while accompanying Glass Tiger on a cross Canada stadium tour, and resulted in his writing and directing the video for “I Take It Back”, the band’s first single in 15 years. In that same year, Sean traveled aboard the prime minister’s private plane to play guitar with Alan for Canadian troops in Kuwait, Afghanistan, and Oman. 
Film became Sean’s focal point for 2014-2015, during which he scored the feature length film Dead of Winter for Outpost Media as well as co-wrote the title track for Hum, an indiegogo funded short film that raised nearly $40,000. 
Today, Sean produces and engineers music for other artists, including a collaborative project with the son of legendary producer George Martin, while developing his solo project, Seven Symphonies.